How To Write A Love Story

Love stories are a very popular genre: no surprise that many authors choose it to create and publish their first works. For a successful love story, you need to come up with the following things: plot, characters, tension, surprise, and emotions. You need to tell a story of how two people meet, what they feel, how they explain their feelings and why they walk away (if they do that). It seems easy but when it comes to writing, it is often hard to concentrate. So what pitfalls should you expect on the way to creating a good love story?

Key things to know about love stories

If you try to write a love story for the first time, there are a couple of useful tips to avoid the most common mistakes:

No instant happy love

You may be surprised but not all love stories start from first sight: sometimes characters even spend years together until they fall in love or even hate each other (like in Pride and Prejudice). Instant love often seems unrealistic so it is better to give your readers some time to really care about the characters teasing out the obstacles and preventing them from being a couple. You should also understand that not all characters should be positive: introduce some major flaws in their personalities to make the plot more intriguing.

Happy end

Just like in the case with love from first sight, your story may not necessarily have a happy end. The feelings can change, the distance may be too far, third parties can interfere, one of the lovers can die - any unpredicted final will make your story stronger. If you just write about happy people in love, who face no difficulties and challenges, the readers will become bored. Describe the unknown, ups and downs, make them feel tense and worry about the characters` fate and looking forward to reading how the story ends.

Real conflicts

Avoid situations when people are involved in conflict by a misunderstanding: for example, someone overheard another one talking bad things over the phone. If you decide to describe a conflict, make it real: provide good reasons, describe the feelings of your characters and their fight. Don't make them look foolish - readers should believe you.

Stereotypical ideals

Writing a love story, you may be tempted to make your characters better than necessary. Readers expect to get a story about real people, not the ones with an ideal look, character or relationships. Create ordinary personalities that do extraordinary things powered by love. The characters may transform during the story as love makes them better but try to avoid building a perfect world where everyone is gorgeous and has no problems.
Sometimes it is necessary to show not pure love but animal instincts: in this case, your characters may be naughty and provocative. However, it is up to you to decide their fate, traits and set the obstacles they need to overcome. The main thing is to touch the strings of your readers` souls by a great interesting and romantic love story. You can find real love stories observing benaughty: they will inspire you for creating something really strong.