Importance of References in Essay Writing

Referencing is the critical common aspect of academic writing that binds together school or college essays, academic dissertations, and even research whitepapers. This article informs you of the reasons that make referencing an integral part of study related writing.

Why Is Referencing Important?

There are plenty of people out there who believe the sole importance of referencing lies in thwarting plagiarism accusations. This is indeed true, but referencing has plenty of other equally important benefits as well. In fact, the benefits of referencing are actually four in number. They are as follows:


Plagiarism accusations can potentially destroy your academic career or at least affect it negatively. And many times, such plagiarism is not even intentional. So, be careful about referencing when you pay for an essay. While writing an essay, it is evident that we will incorporate various concepts, ideas, and results that we have derived from our research. This is all well and good just as far as you remember to cite your references. There are plenty of people out there who would only be too delighted to accuse you of plagiarism. Referencing helps to prevent such accusations.


As academic subjects stand these days, all work in the field is founded on other work carried out by different academicians. There is little to object when you use a study of another researcher as the base from which you derive your own conclusions. In fact, this forms the real basis of scientific or academic progress. Through referencing, we recognize the work done by other people.


It would help if you keep in mind the point that all work you claim to be an original one should be based on evidence. When such evidence cannot be collected through experiments, you have to cite experts. The importance of citing sources is evident as they bear out your awareness about the history of your essay topic.


Citing sources can make your work more credible and persuasive, especially if it is meant for the broader public. Through references, people get to know that you have really strived and worked hard to create an essay. It bears out the insight you have on the topic and the depth of study you have carried out for the essay topic.

Things That Must Be Referenced

It is a mistaken opinion that referencing is essential only when you quote from an already published book. Actually, you have to cite all ideas and information besides quotes derived from outside sources.
Journals and books form the most commonly cited material along with newspaper and magazine articles. However, keep in mind that audio and visual media should be referenced too as well as things like programs on the TV, documentaries, movies, and ads. Other reference sources can also be things like authoritative blogs and websites, and different types of digital media like email, streaming videos, social media posts, and even expert opinion on forums. Other vital sources that should be referenced are personal interviews along with diagrams, images, and illustrations you have included in the essay.

Things That Need Not Be Referenced

Some things like original ideas don’t need to be referenced as the work is itself its source. Such work can be a wide range of things, basically anything that you have come up on your own. Similarly, another thing that doesn’t need to be referenced is common knowledge, something that everybody knows.
So the next time you place essays order, make sure academic writers like academ helpers are doing proper referencing. Otherwise, the whole thing can turn out to be counterproductive!